Banas Stones® is proud to offer a complete collection of high quality natural stone pavers in twenty-six attractive colours and textures, that will extend decorative surfaces for your outdoor projects.

wall coping

Wall coping is an essential part of a wall that acts as the final work that is to be completed at the top of the wall. Our natural stone coping adds value besides serving as a cover for the wall while giving it maintenance free protection.

Pool Coping

Natural stone pool coping adds a distinctive and elegant feature to your pool. Our naturally textured surface offers non-slip qualities to the edges of your pool. The skills and expertise of our highly trained masons create some of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing natural stone edgings that will ornament your pool for decades.


Banas Steps add the elegance of natural stone steps in your garden or patio by using our well crafted and hand dressed risers. These steps are carefully rock faced and finished by our craftsmen that create an organic beauty and natural flow.

Pier Caps

Banas Stones® has shapes that provide pleasing architectural finish and effective protection for your pillars and columns. We also offer custom made caps and other products with your design. Pier Caps complete, protect and accentuate the look of a pillar or column.


Circular paving adds to the beauty and elegance of your garden or patio project to create a focal point. Create your own private terrace surrounded by fragrant plants and garden designs.

Garden Pavers

Add distinction and elegance to an outdoor landscape by choosing from an assortment of weathered, textured or smooth landscaping stone pavers, or pavers, which allow you to create your own geometric design or pattern for pathways, patios, stepping stones, and various other landscaping applications.


Need a specific size, colour or shape? Inquire here for all custom orders.

Jumbo Slabs

Jumbo Slabs can be used for many landscaping projects including: exterior countertops, BBQ slabs, coping and jumbo paving stones.


Exclusive to the Banas Stones® collection, our Wall Stone Series is one of our new additions in 2014. This contemporary natural stone is durable in the North American climate for dry-lay applications. Offered in a variety of different sizes, the Silver Grey wall stone mixed with contrasting colors will compliment any home's beauty. 


Enhance your home's natural beauty with new landscaping Kerbs and Step Fillers, offered exclusively by Banas Stones®. Complement and accent any garden or driveway with these specially handcrafted Kerbs that double function as Step Fillers.


Complete your garden, walkway, porches and banding with Banas Stones® new 25mm coping. Each piece is specially hand chiseled on one long side for the appeal of natural stone edges while the other sides remain sawn for quick and easy installation with traditional flagstone pavers. As an exclusive product to Banas Stones® these 25mm coping will give you an edge over any other landscape project.

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